Migration to Version 1.4

The following information is only relevant for users with a version older than 1.4:

We would like to inform you beforehand about the upgrade process when you install the update of version 1.4 for the first time. When starting the app, you will be asked to perform an upgrade of your database and media files.

You will be provided with step by step instructions and questions to ensure you select the right option. If you are using the app only on one device, you don't need to worry about anything. If you are using multiple devices with iCloud, please ensure that all your devices have at least to version 1.3.39 or later of the Wine Cellar Manager App installed.

To avoid any problems, we recommend you install the latest version on all devices before the migration process. If you have performed the upgrade on another device, select the option that you already have done so.

If you do not have access to your other devices when you're starting the app, don't worry. In case you experience any sync issues, you can just delete the app from the device, reinstall and resynchronise everything.

Before performing the upgrade, you also get the chance to export your data in one or more backup files. We highly recommend you regularly create backups of your data!

We are happy to announce the following new features and improvements coming with version 1.4:

  • use the Canvas to add virtual wine racks and move your bottles using drag & drop
  • export your inventory as PDF wine list with the improved and redesigned PDF export
  • performance improvements when scrolling (on older devices)
  • design adjustments for iOS 15
  • preview of attachments
  • improved workflow when adding bottles to your inventory
  • create reminders to decant your bottles directly in the app

… and much more

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